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Funny Shayari in Hindi

funny shayari in hindi for girlfriend with pictures

Muft Ka Gyan… Yaaron Na Karna Ishq In Ladkiyon Se Kyunki…
Ye Aati Hai Heer Ki Tarah,
Lagti hai Kheer Ki Tarah,
Chubhti Hai Teer Ki Tarah,

Aur Aakhiri Mein Haalat Kar Deti Hai Fakeer Ki Tarah…

funny shayari on rain with wallpaper for facebook
Aasmaan Mein Kaali Ghata Chaai Hai,
Aaj Phir Gharwali Ne Do Baat Sunai Hai,
Dil To Karta hai Ab Sudhar Jaaun,
Magar Baajuwali Aaj Phir Bheeg Ke Aayi Hai

funny shayari for girlfriend in hindi with picture
After a long time sharing a funny lines to propose a girl in really comic way, Share at max and share laughter.

images pics on funny hindi shayari facebook
Sharing a funny shayari picture to tease your friends and love ones, Spread this image on Facebook and spread laughter.

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