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Whatsapp Jokes in Hindi with Images

funny wife qutoes pictures whatsapp facebook

How The Word -WIFE- Was Invented……
They Took The First Two
And Last Two Letters Of

funny divorce jokes cartoons whatsap and facebook
If love is blind and marriage is an eye opener, then divorce would surely be a champagne bottle opener.

funny boss employee jokes images whatsapp facebook
Boss: Where do you see the company after 3 quarters?
Employee: After 3 quarters, I don’t care about company growth, I just do “Nagin Dance”!

funny whatsapp jokes pics wallpaper hindi
Aaj Kal Ke Ladke History Banaye Ya Na Banaye Par
History Delete Karna Nahi Bhulte!

funny marriage proposal jokes whatsapp facebook
Changing times:
Ladki Wale: Ladka Shraab Pita Hai?
Ladke Wale: Ji Bilkul
Ladki Wale: Kaun si?
Ladke Wale: Johnny Walker Black Label…
Ladki Wale: Matlab – Achha Kamata Hai… Rishta Pakka!


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