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Whatsapp Jokes in Hindi with Images

funny man woman jokes whatsapp facebook

A man can achieve success if he tries hard
A woman can achieve success if she cries hard…

funny jokes on love your job whatsapp facebook
Motivation For You…
If you don’t love your Job Take a HOME LOAN
You will start loving it….
Take a CAR LOAN, you will start loving your BOSS as well…

motivational jokes for students whatsapp facebook
The only thing that motivates a guy to study is:
“Padh Le, Nahi Toh Koi Baap Apni Beti Nahi Dega!”

karwa chauth funny jokes whatsapp facebook
30th October is Karwa Chauth and 31st is Halloween
It will be like Dulhan Bani Dayan!

funny life quotes status whatsapp facebook
Every tear is a sign of cutting onions
Everyy silence is a sign of zero balance
Every smile is a sign of daily brushing
Life is so simple. Don’t make it complex with difficult explanations


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