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Whatsapp Jokes in Hindi with Images

pyar karne wale funny jokes

Boy: Tum Mujhe Pyaar Karti Ho?
Girl: Yes Baby!
Boy: But Tumhein Toh Meri Koi Parwah Hi Nahi!
Girl: Pyaar Karne Wale Kisi Ki Parwah Nahi Karte!

funny new year whatsapp dp
Don’t be too Excited about this New Year Stuff only the calendar has changed, The Spouse, Job and Targets remains the same…

job interview funny whatsapp
Pappu went for job interview.
HR Manager: Will you be able to work under pressure?
Guy: I’m Married Sir
HR Manager: Congratulations! You’re Selected

funny diwali status whatsapp picture
Celebrate noise free ‘Diwali’ by sending your wife to her parents’ place.
Have a peaceful Diwali!

happy diwali pataka jokes hindi
Pappu: Mummy, hum saare patakhey is dukaan se leinge..
Mother: Beta yeh shop nahi Girls Hostel hai.
Pappu: Par papa to kehte hain ki
yahaan ek se ek patakha milta hai.


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