Thank You Sms Messages

Some best collection of thank you text sms messages in hindi and english to share with your friends, boss, brother, sister and others.

“I Would Thankful To U From Bottom Corner Of My Heart,
But 4 U My Heart Has No Bottom Corner,
Thank U 1ns Again!!”
“A True Friend Like You Is Difficult To Find,
Bcoz U Are With Me When The Whole World Has Gone Out,
“Hum Shukraguzar Hain Aapki Is Wafa Ke,
Hum Shukraguzar Hain Aapki Is Chahat Ke,
Hum Shukraguzar Hain Aapke Is Ahsaas Ke,
Hum Shukraguzar Hain Aapke Is Pyaare Sath Ke….”
“Thank You So Much For Your Birthday Wishes,
I Accepted And Placed At Bottom Corner Of My Heart”

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