Pappu Jokes Sms In Hindi

Some popular funny jokes on funny character pappu, hope you will enjoy and also share with your friends by mobile sms.
Teacher: What comes after `A`?
Pappu (After Thinking): Kya Bolti Tu, Aaati Kya Khandala…..

Doctor: Your left kidney is failed !
Pappu: Already cried so much! and while cring he asked: From How Many Numbers Doctor?

Maths Teacher: Students tell me one thing, How do you share 10 Orranges equally among 8 apple?
Pappu: So Simple Teacher, Juice Nikal Ke!

Teacher: Where you were from last 5 days?
Pappu: Had suffering from bird flu teacher!
Teacher: But this is a Bird Desease!
Pappu (Gusse Se): Teacher aapne mujhe insaan samjha he kab, Roz toh murga bana dete ho….

Pappu: Papa today madam asked a question, And I was the only student who knew the answer to that question!
Papa: My dear son, what was the question?
Pappu: Question! Class mein susu kisne kiya ? And I said Meine Madam….

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