Jokes On Software Engineer

Funny Software Engineer Sms Jokes
In Earlier Days,
A person who sacrificed his sleep,
forgot his family,
forgot his food,
forgot laughter were called “SADHU”

But now they are called… Software Engineer

Software Engineer And Doctor
Doctor and Software Engineer loved the same girl…
Doctor gives her a rose,
But Software Engineer gives her an apple daily…
You Know Why ??

Sms Joke On Software Engineer
Banner in front of a Software Company
By its HR Manager
“Drive slowly don’t kill the engineers, Leave them to us its our duty, We do it in a legal way…. DEADLINES”

Best Software Engineer Joke
Sharma Ji: You know among my four sons three are Software Engineer
Friend: What about the fourth one ?
Sharma Ji: He did not study and become bar tender…
Friend: Why dont u throw him out?
Sharma Ji: Because he is the one who earns

Software Engineering Joke
What a strange society!
We don’t believe in life after death,
and yet people always ask
“what next after SOFTWARE ENGINEERING”

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