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Husband Wife Jokes in Hindi

funny woman definition jokes about ladies

A woman is like a ‘Tea Bag’ you never know how strong she is until you bring it to ‘Boiling Point’.

funny kahawat hindi jokes
Ek Baat Yaad Rakhna
Jise Duniya Marriage Anniversary Kehti Hai…
Asal Mein Wo Kunwarepan, Maujmasti, Chichorepanti Aur Aadmi Ki Aajadi Ki Punyatithi Hoti Hai…

husband wife funny conversation
Husband: I Love You
Wife: I Love You Too, Infact I Love You So Much I Will Fight The Whole World For You…
Husband: But You Fight With Me The Most
Wife: Becuase You Are The World To Me…

king queen jokes funny share
CHESS is the only Game in the World
Which reflects the status of the HUSBAND…
The POOR KING can take only one step at a time…While the MIGHTY QUEEN can do whatever she likes

mens secret funny jokes
On An Average Men Spend…
30% of Life Sleeping
29% of Life Working
And Balance is Spent…
Apologising to Women

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