Admin Jokes | ग्रुप एडमिन जोक्स | Group Admin Funny Pics

Admin Jokes and ग्रुप एडमिन जोक्स with Group Admin Funny Pics and images with photos to download and share in whatsapp group and tease the admin. You will also get these jokes in status format to share fun and laughter. Earlier we shared Funny Images for Whatsapp and Funny Status Images to use on Whatsapp.

whatsapp jokes funny hindi

Girl: Mujhe iPhone Lena Hai.
Boy: To Le Lo.
Girl: Kaun Si Company Ka Lun?
Boy: Patanjali Ka Le… Us Mein Virus Aur Bacteria Nahi Hote!

Admin Jokes | ग्रुप एडमिन जोक्स | Group Admin Funny Pics

whatsapp joke on group admin
Uncle: Beta Kya Karte Ho…
Titu: Uncle Babu Hun
Uncle: Achha Beta Clerk Ho
Titu: Nahi Uncle… Aapki Beti Ka, Woh Hamesha Mujhe Kehti Hai Mela Babu

ache din kab aayenge funny whatsapp admin
Sabke ache din aa gaye par Admin ke ache din kab aayenge funny photo to share in your whatsapp group to tease your Group Admin..

ittu sa tha tu
Ittu Sa Tha Tu Funny share for Group Admin Jokes in hindi Text with pictures, Share with friends and share Laughter

group admin jokes
Sharing some rare childhood picture of your Whatsapp Group Admin, Share in your Whatsapp Group and share Laughter.

whatsapp jokes on admin hindi
पिता: तूने कॉलेज में कौनसे मुश्किल काम सीखे ?
बेटा: दो मुश्किल काम सीखे एक तो दाँतो से बियर की बोतल खोलना और आंधी में 1 तिल्ली से सिगरेट जलाना

funny group admin jokes whatsapp
Kya Aap Sahmat Hain…
Ki Jo Bachpan Mein School Mein Kabhi Monitor Nahi Ban Paaye Wo Aajkal Whatsapp Pe Group Admin Hain..

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