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funny picture on farting

Sometiimes when you cry, no one sees your tears,
Sometimes when you are worried, no one sees your pain,
Sometimess when you are happy, no one sees your smile,
But fart just once…

funny fact on life with wallpaper
A true but funny fact !
Why do women live longer than Men?
Because shopping never causes heart attacks,
But paying the bills does.

funny angry wife picture facebook
Do you agree after watching this picture, Share with your friends and love ones and spread laughter….

Picture is Submitted By User: Kapil Sharma

funny indian bollywood pictures
I hope you remember this funny scene from movie Run, Hit like and share with your friends and spread laughter.

funny indian truck signs and slogans for facebook
Sharing a funny pic of Indian Truck, and see what an amazing slogal written on this truck, Share with your friends and love ones.

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