Friendship Shayari In Hindi

friendship shayari in hindi wallpaper facebook
Dil Se Dil Badi Mushkil Se Miltey Hain,
Tufano Mein Sahil Badi Mushkil Se Milte Hain,
Yun To Mil Jaata Hai Har Koi,
Magar Aap Jaise Dost Naseeb Walo Ko Milte Hain

One thought on “Friendship Shayari In Hindi

  1. dard ko bhi ab dard hone laga hai,
    dard khud hi mere ghauw ko dhone laga hai,
    dard ke sath kabhi roe na hum,
    dard khud hi mujhe chhu-chhu kar rone laga hai.
    i am satendar kumar gupta

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