Ego Quotes In Hindi

ego quotes in hindi with picture
Aapne Kabhi Socha Hai Ki Hamara Apna Kya Hai ?
Janam Doosrey Ne Diya
Naam Doosrey Ne Diya
Shiksha Doosrey Ne Di
Kaam Karna Doosrey Ne Sikhaya
Ant Mein Shamshan Bhi Doosrey He Le Jaayeinge
Hamara Apna Iss Sansar Mein Kya Hai Jo Ham Itna Ghamand Karey Hain

One thought on “Ego Quotes In Hindi

  1. Yes bro. Aapne ekdam sahi kaha.
    insan ke andar aisi konsi negetive felings hoti he jiske karan wo itna ghamandi hote he..
    Aapka line true he

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