Double Meaning Jokes Sms

Latest Double Meaning Sms Jokes Collection, Please Read And Send To Your Friends For Laughter

“Golu: Is Shahar Main Sadak Par Bathroom Kar Rahe Ho, Koi Pakadta nahi hai Kya??
Molu: Nahi Yaar, Is Shahar Main Khud Ka Kaam Khud Hi Karna Padta hai.”

“When Gabbar Singh Born, Then His Mother Slapped him.
Gabbar father Said Why Did You Slap Him.
Gabbar Mother Said: After Born He Said How Many men Are There.”

“Police: Don’t Sit In Park Like This, It Affects The Children
Lovers: We are Married
Police: Then Go To your home And Do whatever you want.
Lady: Tab iski patni par Kya Asar padega.”


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