Cricket Jokes In Hindi

Huge Collection Of Funny Cricket Jokes In Hindi. Read, Enjoy And Send Your Friends……..

The Difference Between The Playing Style Of Rahul Dravid And Virender Sehwag.
Sehwag: Do Before Die.
Dravid: Do Till Opposition Die.


TV Par Ek Ladki Cricket Math Dekh Rahe The,
Tabhi Uska Bhai Aakar poochtha hai
Main Kaisa Lag Raha Hoon.
Ladki TV Par Excited Main Chakka….

Pappu 36 Run Banane Ke Baad Pavilion Ki Taraf Bat Dikha Raha ThaChintu: 50 Nahi Hue, Bat Kyun Dikha Raha HaiPappu: 36 Number Ki Keemat Tu Kya Jaane Chintu Babu, Mujhe To Exam Main Itne Hi Chaiye Hote Hain.

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