Don Jokes Sms

Teacher: Don Ka Intezaar To 11 Mulko Ki Police Kar Rahi Hai, Ye Kis Film Ka Dialogue Hai.

Pappu: Sir, Mujhe ek Baat samajh Main Nahi Aayi ki Police Don Ke Intezaar Hi Karti Rahegi ya Pakdegi Bhi.

Sms Jokes In English 140 Words Funny

Here you Findout collection of funny sms jokes in english, these would be 140 words, you can find out and send these to your friends and colleagues.

“On This Time
2 Billion People Are Sleeping,
2 million people are Eating,
2000 people are Watching TV,
200 people are playing Cricket
and 1 Donkey Is Watching My SMS”

“Amity Is Like Playing The Cricket.
First Of All You Must Learn To
Play By The Rules And Regulations,
Then You Must Forget The
Rules And Regulations And
Adduce From Your Heart.”