Petrol Diesel Jokes

This Category Contains Funny And One Liner Jokes Sms On Petrol And diesel Price And Petrol Price Hike Results.

Petrol Jokes Sms Short

Pappu: Ye Four Wheeler Tune Petrol Ki Li hai, Ya Diesel Ki Chandu: Ye Four Wheeler Loan Ki Hai..

Petrol Price Hike Funny sms

On The Increasing(Hike) Petrol Price One Funny Man Said,I have no Effect On Increasing Rate Of Price, I will Always Take The Petrol Of 200INR

Joke On Petrol Pump

Why Ladies Are Stay Out Of Petrol pump? Because There Is Indication On Petrol Pump That Please Take Far Of Ignition Things..

Petrol Jokes Hindi

Pappu: Petrol Ki Badhti Price Ko Dekh Kar, Papa Main Jab Bada Hounga Tab Aisi Gaadi Banaunga Jo Toilate Se Chale. Funny Papa: Chinta Mat Kar Beta, Tab Tak To Toilate Ki Rates Bhi Badh jaayegi.

Joke On Increasing Petrol Price

After Increasing The Price Of Petrol Pappu Went For Fill The Petrol In Bike. salesman: How Much Petrol You Requires? Funny Pappu: Please Spray It Around 2-4 Rs.

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