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Funny ODD EVEN Date

Girl To Friend: Aaj Mein Date Par Jaa Rahi Hoon Friend: Arey Abhi Kal He To Tu Date Par Gayi Thi Ladki: Tu Bhi Na, Kal To Odd No. Wala Tha Aaj Even No. Wale Ke Sath Hai Bhala Ho… Continue Reading →

You Are The World To Me

Husband: I Love You Wife: I Love You Too, Infact I Love You So Much I Will Fight The Whole World For You… Husband: But You Fight With Me The Most Wife: Becuase You Are The World To Me…

Listening To Wife Is Like

A funny Jokes Picture to share on Whatsapp and Facebook with your friends to share Laughter, Hope you will Like and share Maximum. Listening to wife is like reading the terms and conditions of website. You understand nothing, but still… Continue Reading →

Do Whatever She Likes Funny

Chess game is like real Life Game share this nice Funny Joke on Husband Wife relation and King Queen relation to share Laughter. CHESS is the only Game in the World Which reflects the status of the HUSBAND… The POOR… Continue Reading →

Mens Secret Revealed Funny

Secret Revealed friends about Men Life Cycle, Share this Funny Whatsapp Picture with your Friends and Share Laughter. On An Average Men Spend… 30% of Life Sleeping 29% of Life Working And Balance is Spent… Apologising to Women

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