Pyar Karne Wale Funny

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pyar karne wale funny jokes
Boy: Tum Mujhe Pyaar Karti Ho?
Girl: Yes Baby!
Boy: But Tumhein Toh Meri Koi Parwah Hi Nahi!
Girl: Pyaar Karne Wale Kisi Ki Parwah Nahi Karte!

Mens Secret Revealed Funny

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mens secret funny jokes
On An Average Men Spend…
30% of Life Sleeping
29% of Life Working
And Balance is Spent…
Apologising to Women

Funny Job Interview Of Married

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job interview funny whatsapp
Pappu went for job interview.
HR Manager: Will you be able to work under pressure?
Guy: I’m Married Sir
HR Manager: Congratulations! You’re Selected

Funny Whatsapp Share Of The Day

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Kya Doodh Peene Se Taaqat Aati Hai?
5 Glass Doodh Piyo Phir Deewar Hilane Ki Koshish Karo, Nahi Hilegi..
5 Can Beer Piyo Or Deewar Ki Taraf Dekho… Deewar Saali Apne Aap Hilne Lagegi..