Garmi Special…. Kash Suraj Ki Bhi Biwi

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Garmi Special
Kash Suraj Ki Bhi Biwi Hoti…
Kam Se Kam Use Thoda Control Mein To Rakhti

Can’t Find My Girlfriend Funny

Nice humorous joke between Police and Bholu on his Girlfriend, Hope you will like and share this Laughter.
funny girlfriend jokes on whatsapp
Police: What Happened?
Bholu: I can’t FIND my GIRLFRIEND…
Police: Kab Se?
Bholu: Bachpan Sey…

Funny Jokes On Salary

A Funny Jokes On Salary it’s either about Increment, Hike, Delay, Increase or First Salary, Low Salary and Goverment Salary just share this Funny Picture or Joke with friends on Whatsapp and Facebook.

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Definition of salary
Something which comes at 2G speed and goes away at 4G speed!