Sms Jokes In English 140 Words Funny

Here you Findout collection of funny sms jokes in english, these would be 140 words, you can find out and send these to your friends and colleagues.

“On This Time
2 Billion People Are Sleeping,
2 million people are Eating,
2000 people are Watching TV,
200 people are playing Cricket
and 1 Donkey Is Watching My SMS”

“Amity Is Like Playing The Cricket.
First Of All You Must Learn To
Play By The Rules And Regulations,
Then You Must Forget The
Rules And Regulations And
Adduce From Your Heart.”

Sms On World Aids Day

This is awful that people are relinquish life from aids, but no one should demise from ignorance.Go Ahead, and Make efforts for remove ignorance about aids on the occasion of world aids day.

Wife Sms In Hindi 140 Words

Bholu: Tell Me One Best Thing About Your Wife?
Pappu: Why are you asking this stupid question…

Bholu: Actually my wife has lots of problems with me


Pappu: You know my wife is problem for every solution…