Feeling Unsafe At Home Funny

A funny feeling of a Husband on Intolerance by his wife, Share this funny joke picture with your friends and love ones on whatsapp and facebook and share laughter.

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I am Feeling very unsafe at home due to my Wife’s Comments that I am INTOLERANT

So i am Planning to Migrate to PATTAYA


How Did You Know It’s Me

A funny joke for CA Students and for those who are upcoming Auditors, Share with your friends and share Laughter.
ca student jokes hindi
Kid: Mom did you see me before I was born?
Mom: No I didn’t.
Kid: Then after I was born how did u know its me?
Mom shocked…
The Moral – These type of kids become external Auditors and come for Audit

A Cute and Funny Proposal by Kid

A cute and funny proposal by a Kid in Hindi it’s have the mix of fun and humor, Share with your friends and colleagues on whatsapp and facebook and share laughter..

funny proposal by a kid whatsapp facebook
Proposal of 4th class boy to 7th class girl
Boy: I love you
Girl: Stupid I am older than you
Boy: I am mad in your love
Girl: Get lost
Boy: Didi, Please Set Ho Jao